Who am "I"? Who and what are you really?

Who are “You”? What do you think of when you think of “you” or “I”?

The question of who we really are, beneath the layer of our Ego and our life experiences is a profound one and has intrigued psychologists, philosophers, and mystics for as long as we have documented writings.

Every school and practice of mental strength, resilience and health (of which NLP is one) is ultimately about offering tools, techniques, or processes to help us to manage or move past, the events in our life which profoundly impact us in a persistent and negative way. Regardless of the actual event and how significant or not it may seem to others, it is significant to us and our perceived identity. These negative events can blight our quality of life and deeply impact our relationships with others. If we become stuck in these events, we often lose our true self and become fixed in negative emotional states, such as anger, sadness and fear. These states prevent us from loving ourselves in a healthy way and from forming healthy relationships with others. In the worst case we end up damaging others around us through our manifestation of our pain and suffering.

Gary Weber’s book “Happiness Beyond Thought”, talks about many approaches to moving past our ego and identifying with your true self.

One of the processes involves writing out, all the significant events in your life (post it notes are great for this), positive and negative, everything you can think of. Take your time over this, build it up over a few days or even weeks.

Then sit down and remove one event at a time, and ask yourself, “if this event didn’t happen, am I still ‘me’?”. And reflect on this in your own time. What you may find is that while some events in your life undoubtedly have profound and lasting impact (in either a positive or a negative way) that you can remove all the events that you think make, “you” and that there is a, “you” still there beneath it all. This is a process which can allow you to discover your true self, full of love, wonder, kindness, joy.

NLP is a powerful toolbox to help you either detach from, or process in a healthy and constructive way, the events in your life that are holding you back. Events that cause a conscious or unconscious negative pattern to keep you from living the life you deserve. It helps you understand how and why your mind works the way it does, why you demonstrate certain behaviours and more importantly how to take better control of your emotional state.

If you want to learn more about any of these ideas just send me a message, I would love to connect!

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