What does April 12th mean to you?

✴️ What does April the 12th mean to you?

✴️ How do you feel about it?

Are you excited about the prospect of being able to get your hair cut, return to the gym, return to the shops?

Are you nervous that isn't the right time yet?

Are you angry that more isn't being done to get us back to the "way things were"?

Is the government not doing enough? Or doing way too much?

Are you so crushed by the experience of the last 12 months that you are completely apathetic to the forthcoming changes and promises?

Odds are you will be feeling a whole range of emotions around April 12th and the pandemic in general. It's been a heck of a journey, and we have had our world and what we came to expect from our government, our ability to access services and our relationship with our fellow citizens turned completely upside down.

And it's ok to feel a range of emotions. It's ok to be excited and scared, and crushed, and optimistic, resentful and grateful. It makes you reassuringly human and unfortunately quite normal.

Be kind to yourself as we tiptoe/ rush/ teeter/ crash into the next phase of the world dealing with a pandemic. And be kind to others. We are all in a crazy place, our notion of normal, whatever that was on an personal basis, has been pulled violently from us. We are all experiencing some level of trauma from this event and we need to be tolerant of ourselves and of others who are equally trying their best to keep this situation from crushing them and those they love.

My top tips to help you deal with any transition are:

✴️ be kind to yourself

✴️ be kind to others

✴️ breathe slowly

✴️ be aware of your own feelings and how they change

✴️ get out into natural spaces either on your own or with people you feel safe with

✴️ don't spend too much time watching/ reading the news

✴️ talk to people about how you are feeling

✴️ encourage others to share their thoughts with you

✴️ don't judge them for their opinion

How are you feeling about April 12th?

If you would like any other simple tools to help you manage emotions send me a message or comment below 🤗

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