Weymouth College Gym Membership Discounts

Hi folks, wonderful news!

As you know the face to face clinic is based at Weymouth community college gym. In support of the care I provide you they have decided to support your rehab with discounted gym membership of £15 per month if you’re an active patient with me at the clinic. I think this is fabulous value.

So anyone who would like me to do a health and fitness, rehab or sports therapy program please book a physiotherapy assessment with me. In it I will be able to check your medical health including cardiorespiratory fitness and exercise tolerance or look at your biomechanics with video analysis, test your strength and check your coordination to design you a comprehensive program of exercise therapy which is safe for your ability levels and personal goals.

This new service will start from 1st March. For more info or to book your health MOT, please message me or call 07946033528.

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