Virtual Clinic

Just wanted to let you know more about our virtual clinic here in Weymouth UK.

If you asked me three years ago to assess someone on a screen I’d have thought that was a silly idea, but it really works well. We can actually learn a lot and see a lot from a screen to be able to diagnose, triage and treat you.

I’ve found video a really useful tool for you. It helps you to see what you’re doing, and if we record our sessions you can learn and reflect, follow your exercises much more clearly and revisit your session at your convenience.

It’s also opened up how we treat, now I can see you anywhere, at home, in your work place, even on the beach. This means we can see what you’re needing help with live and real rather than you trying to explain stuff in the clinic room. So if you are struggling with your stairs, your shoulder gets tired paddling, or you just live too far away to travel after surgery I can be there with you.

Do you know what for me is the most exciting thing, it’s opened up the whole world. I have clients now in Borneo, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and throughout the U.K. It’s wonderful to be able to help a wider demographic but also to bring you together in our virtual studio setting.

So if you want to learn more please email me or FaceTime/message/call 07946033528

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