Tier 2 Update


The Clinic will see no change as I operate under the strictest rules. You must wait outside in your car outside the sports hall parked in the disabled bay. Please call me 07946033528 and I will come and get you. PPE you must unless exempt wear a mask and please use the hand sanitiser on arrival. All virtual sessions will continue. Home visits available on request.


I am an independent educational provider of Ofqual recognised training with BC. I al awaiting confirmation which should be Monday to check that coaching and leadership courses have fallen into the educqtional category. If so we can continue but we must exercise covid safe practices during these events and it looks like so long as all persons who reside in tier 1-2 you are allowed to attend. You can travel between tiers but you must act at tier 2 level in Dorset. You can travel through a tier 3 area.

Sports clubs can continue outdoors under the guidelines but only socialising pre and post activity in groups of 6 outside with COVID safe practices, 2m distancing. This means we should be able to continue with organised sport and our events but we may have to operate within bubbles of six where possible and continue exercising at 2m distancing and limit risk of contact. This means with careful planning and risk control we will be able to go ahead with events.

SUP Polo I am meeting with Osprey leisure centre to see if we can implement COVID safe procedures for sup polo. This is the trickiest risk management area however guidelines do allow indoor sport if good practices are in place. I will update you after the weekend.

You can socialise outside under the rule of six but remember your social distance when leaving sports events. Spectators are allowed at events BUT please remain a spectator you can’t mingle and socialise sadly.

Anyhow we all need a big real hug but the best I can do is send you a huge virtual one. You’re all amazing, keep positive and we will all be ok x

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