Thank You So So Much!!!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have come back and are supporting my health and well-being community and business. I can’t tell you how scary it was to have to close due to ill health last year. I’ve missed you all and I’m so grateful to be well and able to be back.

My cervical disc replacement operation and the healing journey have given me a deeper insight into what you’re all going through and I am coming back with a huge sense of determination to make a difference for you all. Also physio really really works if you follow the science, (so now I know that there’s no excuse for not doing your exercises or pacing yourself 😉), we can make a difference. I’m lucky to have the physio knowledge how people cope without it is beyond me. I wouldn't be doing so well if I didn’t know what I should do and when, but I’m shocked how little rehab people are getting post op or in general musculoskeletal care. Hopefully the clinic will be able to fill some of that void and we can make a difference.

So thank you. It’s a privileged to be your physio and it’s a delight to have such an amazing team working with me on making a difference!


Elaine (Director and Owner)

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