Spring Quarterly News

Fab times ahead this spring quarter folks.

More clinic time

I have just extended clinic time for you in Weymouth so I will be able

to offer more physio, acupuncture, gym and hydro sessions locally.


From 1st April you’ll see regular evening hydro 1:1’s, and a new Thursday weekly hydro rehab class.

Insurance Cover

Do you have private health care cover?

Well by the end of this quarter I’m hoping to have the clinic registered with all the major health insurance companies. Let me know who you are with and if you would prefer to be using that cover and I will do my best to become a recognised provider for you.

Sport Specific Rehab Classes


Yes it is back my sup performance, core and biomechanics classes. This year I will run two four week block of workshops aiming to improve paddling style, technique, balance and core ready for the warmer paddling season. In it we will also talk about training, kit, nutrition, staying safe, water conditions and reading the hydrology as well as performing all the lovely techniques and paddling style exercises you know and love.

Friends of Dorset Health and Wellbeing


Have your say event. I will be hosting a focus group at the end of the season to give you chance to feedback on services and opportunities you’d like to have locally run through our health and wellbeing business. More details to follow.


We are continuing to offer Pilates, qigong and relaxation weekly for you on line. For more info please get in touch. I’m also interested in extending my evening classes availability. If this is something you’d like please let me know.

Thank you!! Thank you for your support and please keep promoting what we do and letting people know there are opportunities for them to improve their health. Let’s not allow people to suffer or struggle let’s keep making a difference and having fun whilst we do it.

Keep healthy and happy. xx

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