Something Very Special is Coming in January: Be Curious, with Lorien

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These are undoubtedly challenging times for so many. The world feels faster and faster, the pressure seems greater and greater, and for many of us, this world in which we find ourselves can appear more and more threatening.

In the face of this, our mental strength and resilience is often stretched thin, or to its absolute limit. If our mindset is agitated, we are more likely to react angrily to others around us, even those we love. If our mindset if panicked, we are more likely to breakdown at the next challenging moment we face, even moments that on reflection didn’t seem that significant after all.

Whilst in themselves stress, worry, even anger are not negative and have an important role to play in our success, when we spend too much time in, or get stuck in these states they can cause immense damage to us, physically and mentally. It makes us more prone to illness and disease and more likely to see the people around us as negative or even hostile. This can have a profound impact on our family and professional lives.

You see the quality of our mental state not only impacts us, but also those closest to us.

My sessions help you to release your worry, stress, negative thoughts of the future and enjoy precious inner nourishment designed for you. Using a powerful combination of breathwork, guided relaxation, meditation, neuro linguistic programming concepts & hypnotherapeutic principals these sessions are designed to give you a quality experience, rich in rejuvenating relaxation, soothing frazzled nerves and a too busy mind, while promoting a positive state for your whole body.

  • This is an 8 week programme with 2 live sessions per week for a total of 16 sessions.

  • Live sessions will be held every Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm UK time

Through these sessions you can:

· Help balance your headspace, re hone your mental strength & resilience to help keep your headspace as healthy as possible in these most interesting of times.

· Face the challenges in your life with renewed strength and determination

· Find your honest inner voice and develop deeper trust with it

· Through a calmer you, you will help those within and around you to feel better

· Allow you to better connect with and support others in a more positive, mutually beneficial way

· will help you reconnect with yourself, find your self-worth, and love

· By releasing the pressures of the day, you will likely feel re-energised, enjoying more of the free time that you have

· is likely to help promote positive sleep

If you have any questions just ping me and I will be happy to connect!!

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