Relaxing Mindfulness Classes this Autumn

We are now wrapped in October, the summer has drawn to a close.

The changing of season offers a chance to reflect on what that might mean to you. How are you feeling about the shorter days and drawing in of colder, more turbulent weather?

Whether we choose to actively reflect or not there will be an unconscious shift within us. The shift may feel positive, negative or fairly neutral but whatever we ultimately feel we cannot help but respond to change.

The practice of mindfulness helps us manage the changing nature of life with equanimity and openness. It helps prevent us from being lost in anxious thoughts for the future or wishing for days gone by and allows us to experience the here and now more fully.

Each week I will gently introduce new concepts of mindfulness which you can bring into your life and hold relaxing, mindfulness meditations to help improve your skill.

The classes are stand alone, so you don't need to attend each one, you can simply drop in when you feel the need.

I hope to see you soon!

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