Qigong every Wed 12pm

Keep your spine flexible and increase vitality with this simple movement. I use this to warm up the body in my Qigong class. Join me, Sam every Wednesday 12-12.45pm

This standing cat/cow move is a perfect movement to keep your spine flexible and strong. We often lose that flexibility as we age, it keeps your spine supple as well as helping you to have free flow of Qi and fluid up and down the spine and to the brain. This can also be done seated, sitting on the edge of a chair.

If you place your tongue to the roof of your mouth it connects your central channels Ren Mai and Du Mai (two of your extra ordinary meridians). These meridians hold your Jing Qi which is the energy you were born with and is stored in the kidneys. Your body uses these extra ordinary meridians as reservoirs which your body can draw on to balance the energy in the twelve major organs of the body.

You can replenish this energy through lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, rest, exercise and balanced emotions.

Qigong every Wednesday 12-12.45pm

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