Pilates Update

Hey folks just a heads up about some changes coming. With British Summer Time and the SUP world about to explode back into life I will be back running local coaching till 1st October this means I will be stepping back on my Pilates to enable all paddlers to show off their wonderful core and techniques out there on the water. So from 1st April I will no longer be running sup or paddler classes or general Matwork.

Don’t despair though Kat is here to save the day. She will be able to offer a 6.30pm general Pilates class on Mondays and will continue with her amazing ballet barre for your control, balance and core. Patients Pilates will continue at 6pm through April and will drop to 4pm from May. I‘ll be providing more classes through next winter and the dark wet months but now the daffodils are blooming and life should start opening up I’ll be out there on the water enjoying some blue therapy.

Come and join me! Learn to sup. There will be lots of tours, lessons and classes in Dorset. More details will follow with the launch of my new site soon. I just want to say a huge thank you for all your support and giggles through the lock down. Let’s enjoy the last month of it together and have as much fun as possible, but I promise to be back for more after the summer.

Hugs x

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