Pilates “Catch Up Vids”

There’s so much to know and learn about the science of human movement and most importantly your physical health. Pilates is all about precision and control and it is definitely best delivered live by an instructor who can recognise posture and bio mechanical faults.

Over the last couple of years I can see for you all it’s not always possible to attend classes, there’s a lot to learn or sometimes you just want to practice in your own time and pace. To make this easier I’ve decided to record our sessions and make them available to those who attend or want to attend the class but can’t. I’ll share them and keep them for a two week period only, via the zoom platform and your booking link. All I need for you to access the video is a prepaid session booking.

It will also become possible for you to do the Pilates sessions without ever attending live. For your safety I will start you off with a Pilates 1:1 taster and I recommend some occasional follow ups which you can book at a convenient time for you. I always feel it keeps you safe and your movement precise to have a real person look after you than only exercise videos. Plus it’s more bespoke and fun to learn with someone who knows their stuff and cares about you.

We will be trialling this new addition to Pilates from Monday 7th Feb. Any feedback you have please come back to me. It’ll be fun learning through Feb the tech and best way to run this add on service for you. So lots of learning for us all!!

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