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Most of you here have benefitted from private physio one way or another but there are so many people who still don’t know or value private care. How do we reach them and help. How do we stop people suffering and waiting at the moment for care that is limited?

One thing we can do is spread the word that physio works. That there are clinics open. That there are medical professions that people can employ to take care of them to stop the wait or the suffering. We treat anything and everything that prevents movement and restricts your physical health. We have treatments for pain. We can protect an injured structure. We can work with your bodies healing to get your body back on track. We can improve your fitness, help you move and stay safe if you are struggling with disabilities or restricted mobility. Most of all we can help you through tough times to a more healthy happy life.

How can you help, please spread the word. Educate people. Reassure people. Let me know how I can help the community, I value your ideas and feedback. Support people with their electronics to be able to book or access zoom. Provide testimonials that I can share with others. Let’s change the culture of waiting and support the NHS by reducing their waiting lists so they have more time to do the physio they trained to do. Let’s stop unnecessary surgery with good physio, by providing a different option than the limited face to face contact you currently have locally. Folks let’s help each other stay healthy. Physical health is so important.

Thank you x

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