MRI and X-ray Referrals

I hear all the time how long you have to wait for diagnostic imaging of you musculoskeletal problems, so I am delighted to let you know that I am now able to refer you for XRay and MRI’s at Newhall Hospital Salisbury.

They have a state of the art radiology department in a beautiful clinical setting with a large dynamic team of radiographers and radiologists.

Please book a physiotherapy assessment first so I can see if it’s safe for you to have imaging and also decide if it’s appropriate or not for your injury and the stage of healing you’re in.

Once you’ve been assessed I will then refer you to their team and you will be invited for imaging. After the radiolograp have reviewed your pictures I will see you at a follow up appointment in clinic or online to make a plan about your onward care.

For more info please do get in touch with me here at the clinic.


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