Mindfulness Sessions this week | Reflections on Love & Connection

This weeks reflection continues our exploration of the 6 human needs model and how it can support our mindfulness practice and help us make more discerning choices in our lives rather than being as reactive to the experience we find ourselves in.

As with the other human needs there is no single or right way to fill our need for love and connection and equally not all ways in which we seek to achieve love and connection are good for ourselves or for those around us.

It is worth considering that we all crave love (not to be confused with romantic love although this can play a part) but because love requires vulnerability we often settle for connection.

Some examples of the almost limitless ways in which we might find a sense of connection are through a sports team or political affiliation, a social club, group or gang affiliation, friends and family, animals and nature, religious or spiritual practices, our emotions such as anger, sadness and happiness.

See if it feels ok to reflect on how you fill the need for connection in your life and have you allowed yourself to find a connection of love?

I hope to see you soon 😊

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