Massage and Physio’s Historical Roots

Hi folks.

I’m always amazed by peoples surprise when I treat them with massage, but that’s how it all started back in 1894! It was four nurses originally that gained professional recognition and in 1920 we gained our chartered status.

So it’s a very prestigious and highly skilled profession to be in. As a profession we have a wealth of knowledge and scientific expertise behind our training to help get you better and prevent health issues. It’s so much more to become a physio than a weekend course! It’s a life long learning journey.

At the clinic I offer many different forms of massage and soft tissue therapy. Its a wonderful way to restore your body’s muscle balance, improve circulation, remove toxins and reduce stress.

- Swedish massage for muscle relaxation and circulation

- Myofascial release for tone management and muscle balance

- Trigger point therapy for muscle spasm and tightness

- Neuropathic massage for nerve pain

- Lymphatic drainage for reducing swelling

- Sports massage for lactate removal and muscle lengthening

- Relaxation massage for stress, anxiety and depression help

So if you think you’d like to try massage to improve your health or you’d like to learn more about how physio can help you please call on 07946033528 or email me for more info.

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