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Hi folks

So we have three days of relative normality before lockdown descends upon us. Let’s not let it affect our health and happiness. We will get through this stronger folks.

Classes - Great news the online classes are up and ready for you all please feel free to share and support your friends and family. We can increase these through lock down to help you all stay connected. Let me know what you need and we will do our best to support you all with classes.

Physio - all services will continue as normal. This is essential medical care. None of you should have to suffer with pain or ill health. You all deserve to keep healthy and I will strive to support you as much as I can.

SUP - coaching and skills sessions. I will contact BC about this but I have lots of ideas and adaptions to keep you enjoying your sport as this is essential for mental wellbeing too. I will update you with what we are or aren’t allowed to do ASAP but I would hope that with common sense we can use this as a daily exercise allowance and for coaching courses this should be classed as education or work.

Last three days. Anyone want me to pack in some more fun and frolics before Thursday I can do this if you want. Please let me know and I will pop on some extra sessions in SUP.

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