Keeping Active in the Older Population

Exercise is so important for health and well-being in our elderly communities. It prevents illness, improves function, reduces the risk of falls and stops social isolation, it has such a positive affect on mental health.

I was shocked to hear recently that NHS day hospitals and group exercise classes for the elderly population have stopped and that we have limited support now in our local areas.

I’m worried people won’t know where to go for help, are left at home isolated, or have a higher risk from falls because they have no where safe to be supervised. We may have done an amazing job protecting the elderly from Covid but at what cost to the rest of peoples health and happiness.

Here at Dorset Health and Wellbeing we provide home services, which include assessment and treatment at home or in residential care settings. I assess holistically all aspects of mobility including the physical, mental and coping strategies needed to keep active. We then develop a plan to improve a persons active health and fitness, but most importantly keep people safe from falls or mobility limitations.

We have several class opportunities on zoom, or 1:1 sessions in person at the gym or at Neptune Aquatics hydrotherapy pool. I am working on several projects one being to increase face to face class opportunities as a priority this year and I will be sharing exciting news soon about our first new opportunity starting.

I also work with several leisure centres as a referrer to the GP exercise referral scheme, giving you cheaper access to a variety of local facilities. You just require an assessment in clinic or at home first from me and I’ll do the referral for you.

So let’s support all our community to keep moving and stay safe, no one should be falling at home alone in this day and age. If you or your family need help please also consider contacting the charity AgeUK who have some very helpful information and support. Here‘s their website.

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