If letting go is so simple, why isn't it easy?

The principle of letting go, or surrendering to an emotion so that we are able to release it quickly, is one of the most amazingly simple and effective processes.

You stop resisting or fighting against the emotion and instead simply allow it to be, watch it, don't feed it with thoughts.

It will fade away in moments. Leaving you free to move on with your day.

So why isn't it easy?

The key to letting go is to stop feeding the fire of your emotion with thoughts. Thoughts are the fuel which turn an emotion into a feeling, and if we keep the thoughts going the feeling settles into a mood.

And we are habitual thinkers...

We identify ourselves with our thoughts...

Further more, we identify ourselves with our emotions and feelings...

I am an angry person. I am nervous. I am anxious. I am stressed.

We create our identity (our ego) around our patterns of thoughts and feelings and we fear that letting go of these will leave us without an identity, or certainly without and identity we are familiar with.

We demonstrate regularly that we would rather stick with a known, even if it is uncomfortable or even harmful, than take a chance on an unknown.

The simple realisation that you are not your thoughts, and you are not your feelings is perhaps the most freeing experience you can have.

But it can be a frightening concept... and for some it can be a frightening experience.

'If I am not my thoughts and feelings, then who am I?'

But you already know who you are outside of your thoughts.

In moments of absolute focus, or flow, when you are doing something you really love or are passionate for, when you find stillness in nature, or the moment of plunge into cold water, or the exhilaration of being mid rollercoaster ride, lost in a game of sport or a film.

You without persistent anxiety, anger, fear, worry.

So don't be afraid and just let go a little and see how it feels, you don't need to do it all at once.

If you would like to know more or would like some help with this aspect of your journey simply send me a message.

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