Did you know I am a qualified hydrotherapist? I am delighted to let you know I’m back offering a weekly hydrotherapy session on a Thursday evening at 7.45pm with Neptune aquatics in Weymouth. This is awesome because their pool is warm! The only true therapy pool locally which is fabulous for stiff joints, arthritis and pain.

I can also do site visits to your local pool for physio exercises. The weightlessness of water supports you and enables us to improve your balance and strength without overload.

I can even meet you at the beach so we can work on any issues you are having within your sport, look at some video analysis or just support you getting back to your happy place if you enjoy a cold water dip.

Physios provide event safety cover. You’ve all seen the physio running onto the football pitch with the ice bag, well we also work on the water too. I’m a qualified surf coach lifesaver, powerboater and sup safety boarder. This means I can join you on the water whilst you’re training, help at events with first aid and safety or even help your child back to the water after a broken leg.

I also work with lots of local swimming coaches who can help you with your performance and design you a fitness program for your sporting goal.

Finally I work with Titus who is a Wim Hof instructor based in Norway who runs specialist courses on cold water immersion and it’s therapeutic benefits for health.

So there are lots of ways I can use the water to help you improve your health and wellbeing. Message me for further info.

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