Hierarchy of Muscles

Hi folks. Did you know that muscles can be grouped in to stabilisers or mobilisers? Simply put we have muscles that keep us in a healthy alignment and muscles that provide momentum power and movement.

So for example biceps, or rectus abdominus, your six pack are pure movers.

Stabilisers are much more complex we actually have two groups, local stabilisers and global stabilisers. Local ones create a tone that prevents floppiness, if you like “stiffens” the core by creating a canister affect eg transversus abdominals. Whilst contraction of global stabilisers can give directional stability but if contracted hard enough create movement. These muscles often work in opposing groups to create slings that control movement eg posterior slings; the gluteus maximum, serratus anterior, lower trapezius with quadratus lumborum.

So you see the muscular system is incredibly complex to provide you with stability and movement. Too much rigidity or tightness in stabilisers or movers creates imbalance, or lack of tone in stabilisers creates overload and a loss of control. It’s a technical challenge keeping you moving well. So hopefully through our classes and our blog you can learn how to keep your movement system healthy.

If there’s any topics you would like us to discuss please feel free to message us.

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