Hand Surgery

The hand is our most precious part of our body, we take it for granted and it’s what gives us the ability to function well in our modern lives. It‘s the most sensitive parts of our body, as a baby we used our hands to explore the world and learn. It’s not just useful for manipulating tools or playing on our smart phones, it’s also part of how we communicate so it plays a big part in our image or personality.

As a physio we can help with hand mobility, function and support. We can treat pain with hands on treatment and acupuncture. Also we use muscle stimulators to help with weakness and altered strength.

Complex treatment is also performed by a specialist hand therapist who is either a specialist OT or physio. They can also provide you with more tailored braces or splints to protect and support you whilst you recover or heal. We work with both local and National specialists to ensure you get the best care possible.

When the hand fails to respond to conservative care due to arthritis, long term structural changes, or severe trauma we have to consider secondary care, which is more invasive interventions like injection therapy or surgery. I’ve worked with Tim Crook over numerous years, and can highly recommend his hand surgery. For more information please visit.

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