Feb Classes

Our virtual well-being classes are now in full swing. Check out Februarys program!

We still have some spaces left on our 3D Pilates course which starts on 1st of Feb and is running for 4 weeks with Kataneh.

Also back by popular demand Hatha Yoga with Debbie is back on our bundles plan at 10am every Thursday morning.

We now have a regular Matwork Pilates session at 6.30pm every week Monday and Thursday with Elaine

Our breathwork and relaxation classes are continuing twice a week 7pm Tuesday and Thursdays with Lorien

Qigong is running at the more popular time of 12pm every Wednesday.

We are also going to be looking into recording the sessions so you can still attend even if you can’t make the class time, giving you even more flexibility and opportunity to learn with us. More details to follow in the next couple of weeks once we have it up and running for you.

Any ideas or feedback please do get in touch. Enjoy!

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