Detective You? A little Sherlock your own personal wellbeing

This week at my Mindfulness Experience & Reflections sessions, we continue the theme of managing change with the support of mindfulness and you may already be starting to notice patterns in your behaviour and how you react to certain events or triggers.

It is well established by cognitive behaviouralists who apply their own version of an ABC model, A – the activating event or trigger, B – your beliefs associated with that trigger, C – the consequences of the combination of A + B, which in essence is how you react. And this applies to every single thing we do in life. We do nothing at random, even if we don’t understand our motivations at the time, every behaviour we carry out is the result of an activating event (i.e. your tummy rumbles), your beliefs (i.e. “I must be hungry, when is lunch time?”) and the consequences (i.e. you head to the snack machine).

This is why it is so significant when we can shift into detective mode and be genuinely kind and curious about the nature of our experience and our reactions. It is important to keep the approach kind and curious, your default inner voice is critical enough as it is, so keep it light hearted and fun. When things are fun we are more likely to do them again.

What patterns are you starting to notice and can you find a way to make a positive and engaging game of spotting your patterns?

If you would like to explore mindfulness for your life, join my lovely small group sessions via Zoom or consider other tools to help manage your mental landscape simply send me a message.

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