COVID Mental Wellbeing

I have had a suspicion for a while that covid is not just affecting mental health but it’s directly causing changes in our brain function. If so UK healthcare and communities are terribly ill prepared for helping the volumes of people through their symptoms.

It’s still a stigma to ask for help about mental health, however it can be easily treated if people open up and they get the care they need.

Changes in how you feel from the brain chemistry can be slight at first but it can slowly change your thinking and negative thoughts can develop which can alter your behaviours or ways you function in communities.

Here’s a questionnaire used a lot in health care for anxiety and depression that might help you recognise symptoms in yourself.

If you do score higher than expected please see your GP as your first tier for help. They’re wonderful. There are NHS mental health teams or charities like mind U.K who are a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

There’s a lot of fast access private services as nhs waits can be slow. This is where we at our clinic can help you with mild symptom relief through our mindfulness and relaxation coach Lorien or with physio and physical treatments like acupuncture, massage, hydrotherapy and even gentle gym exercise. So know there are things you can do to start getting better.

Please don’t struggle. Get help. Xxx

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