COVID lockdown and SUP Coaching

Following the speech from the Prime Minister today I am hopeful that coaching will resume as normal here in Dorset. However I do need confirmation from British Canoeing and also leisure centre facilities about any changes to their risk management strategies in line with the latest science and evidence of best practice to ensure your safety and health is cared for at these challenging times.

The good news though is I have a full program of SUP coaching and coach tutoring waiting to be released. I’m hopeful this will go ahead.

I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for everyone’s support this year. We’ve had an adventure through lots of change and challenge. To those who have rescheduled all their November sessions thank you and to everyone thank you for being so patient. I will give you more details as soon as I know more.

So fingers crossed folks that life will have a little more normality, and we all get some Christmas sparkle and cheer. There’s a little hope of some fun and frolicked to come. Let’s kick it off with a little Santa sup chase the pudding race on the 13th Dec. If we are allowed...... x

Keep posting those happy sup pictures on Dorset SUP Community! Look after each other and keep the SUP social Buzz alive.

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