Clinic Closure 12 weeks.

Sadly I have been told to stop and ease off prior to surgery which is imminent. It's my turn to be the patient, I will be having two disc replacements in my neck. so next time I am back at work I will be bionic and will have had my own rehab adventure to share.

It will be some time till I will be able to do manual work after the op and it's likely I won't be able to reopen till 1st December but I will keep you posted. Sadly I won't be taking any correspondence or communication during this time either but I will update the blog once I know more about reopening. You can still book sessions with Lorien for relaxation but all other self bookings should be unavailable.

If there are any outstanding plans for pilates I will honour them so ignore any cancellation messages I will sort on my return. I plan to restart a program of virtual classes in the autumn too and will update the blog once I have the program in place for you. This will probably start after the clocks change or on my arrival back to work after the 1st December.

I wish you well, stay safe and most importantly take care of yourselves in my absence. All the best x

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