Breathing MOT

Did you now at rest we take in on average 12-20 breaths a minute. That’s on average 500ml of air every 3-5seconds moving in and out of your lungs without us even having to think about it. Amazing.

What’s even more amazing is the average lung can hold a maximum of 6000ml that’s 12x your resting volume. Just think how your body moves to be able to do that. How flexible the rib cage is and how strong those muscles are in our shoulders, neck, intercostals and diaphragm. Amazed yet? Well this will make you impressed those muscles when they need to can force 400-700ml out of your lungs in only one second! A cough, when needed saves your life.

How do you know you have healthy breathing? What happens if your rib cage is stiff or you posture is slouched. What happens if you have neck pain and dysfunction? What if you have constipation preventing your diaphragm moving properly? What if the lungs are overinflated already through asthma? What if you have tightness in your airways with bronchospasm? What if your phlegm on your chest gets infected and you can’t get the air around properly? What if you traumatise your chest and have pain?

Well good news folks physio treats breathing too, by using manual therapy for your joints, soft tissue release for tightness, reducing pain and rehabilitating movement. We understand what drives and irritates your breathing to keep you healthy.

Did you know you can test your lung volumes or cough through specialist equipment? Did you know you can improve your breathing through exercise just like your cardio fitness. If you want to know more and keep your lungs healthy please arrange a consultation. We can do this in clinic or virtually. All lung function tests would be done in your own home virtually but all other movement tests can be done in clinic. Including a stereoscope examination.

To book your breathing MOT please call 07946033528 and we can discuss your needs.

*Please note we do not currently treat persistent cough, or chest infections with face to face care due to covid risk but we can still do so virtually. I always recommend you seek GP care as your first line of treatment in the event of developing a new breathing problem, or 999 in an emergency. I am happy to support you with exercise therapy if required after your doctors consent.

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