Back Pain and Sciatica

Here’s a lovely article about sciatica and it’s causes.

Back pain is as common as the common cold believe it or not 50% of the population have back ache right at this moment. That’s high right?!

Most people will get well without any help but those who‘s pain lingers on more than a couple of days, or have severe and intense pain or those of you who develop sciatica will most likely need help to recover.

Physio can help diagnosis the origin of the back pain as there are many reasons we get it. Joints, pelvis, discs, muscles, and your hip can all cause back pain. Sciatica can start from chemical irritation, functional overload and structures being tight around the nerve causing nerve injury. We can diagnose which and design a plan to get you well again.

Treatment can consist of modifying what you do to allow healing, habit education and strengthening to stop you straining the structures, we can ease pain with hands on treatment and acupuncture, reduce stiffness with manual therapy and exercise, and generally improve how you coordinate the movement of your spine to keep you healthy and free from injury.

If you are struggling with structural issues we can show you ways to offload and improve pain behaviour and strengthen you up so age related changes aren’t constantly being irritated. If things have been persistent we can help you decide if private scans and investigations are appropriate and with the information can work alongside specialist surgeons to get you better.

Hydrotherapy is a great way to keep you active without strain if you are waiting for a procedure. It’s important we find ways to maintain your mobility and strength but still keep you comfortable.

So don’t suffer there’s lots that can be done to get you better, ease your symptoms and keep you fit, and it doesn’t take long to relieve mechanical pain if you get help quickly. So don’t wait.

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