Always sleeping too well?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

If like so many, you are not quite getting the quality of sleep you would like then you will be pleased to discover I am holding a sleep workshop on Tuesday 23rd April to help you reclaim the sleep you need and deserve.

Sleep is the single most important, and yet most often neglected, part of our lives. Consuming a full one third of our lives, quality sleep provides our bodies with healing, health and vitality, both physically and emotionally. When neglected it is associated with a higher risk of all forms of disease and illness. Most of us either outright neglect our sleep or our modern lives seriously negatively impact the quality of our sleep. Either way your health and wellbeing takes a massive and very serious hit.

This 90 minute workshop with a bonus 30 minute Q&A session will help you unlock the emotions, habits & behaviours to a better nights sleep, allowing you to get the sleep you need, and the sleep you deserve.

In this workshop you will unlock the secrets to:

1) Understanding sleep psychology - learn to change the mental factors killing your sleep

2) Understanding sleep physiology - what you can do to help your body to embrace healthy sleep

3) Amazing and simple tools and tips to help you get a better quality sleep

4) 2 x focused guided relaxations (one of which is yours to keep to use again and again!)

5) Sleep specific breathing techniques for a quicker path to sleep

6) What to do if you do wake in the night?

This is one workshop experience you cannot afford to miss.

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