So with lockdown imminent it’s not possible to continue with group sessions so race club, skills sessions and all water based coaching will be cancelled throughout November. This will give me a well earned rest so don’t worry I will use the time wisely to plan lots of exciting stuff for next season.

This season all being well I will be launching our new monthly race series the Dorset Brass Monkey. This will replace Tuesday evening race training. I will also be running more bumps at Bowleaze over weekends and continuing our week day sessions from December.

I am still waiting from feedback from British Canoeing about education and coaching. I have decided however it is quite a challenge for people to Continue as normal, we all have pressures and also due to the loss of our training venue it is more sensible to postpone all coaching education and training. I will repost new dates and opportunities for you soon.

Please continue to paddle safely in pairs. I’ll be out paddling and having fun so I’m sure we will see each other out there on the water. Use the time wisely to get fit and enjoy the outdoors. Come along to SUP and paddler Pilates on zoom or arrange a paddlers zoom social. I’m sure we can all find ways to connect and have fun. Besides it’s only four weeks so use the time to get your winter kit sorted and then let’s enjoy the rest of the season together.

Hugs x

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