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Welcome to Our Wellness Clinic 

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”
– George Eliot


About Our Wellness Clinic

Wellness is a word we tend to hear a lot in recent times, but what does it really mean?

At Dorset Health & Wellbeing, we approach wellness as the foundation upon which all other elements of your life are built.  Think of it as the foundations of your house.  If your house is on shaky foundations then whatever else you try to add to it is likely to come undone.  Your wellness or your wellbeing is the foundation of you.  Encourage it to be strong, agile, and resilient and you will shine in all aspects of life that are most important to you.

Modern life is often hectic and stressful.  We are expected to be more and more perfect and able to balance work, home and social lives with style and finesse – at least that is what our Instagram pages have to show.

It is increasingly difficult to feel connected with the world around us and even our loved ones can feel increasingly harder to reach emotionally as we struggle to balance the many facets of our busy lives.  Stressful jobs become increasingly more so and need to find a way to cope with ever demanding circumstances whilst our household expenses often climb. 

Our physiology, our emotions and our response to stress hasn’t changed much in the last 100,000 years, but our lives, the structure of society, technology, demands have grown exponentially in the last 20 years alone.

This extraordinary time of change has left our bodies and our mental and emotional state behind.  If we do not find the tools to manage this imbalance it can affect us and those around us whom we love dearly.

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Wellness Is For Everyone 

Whether you are trying to improve your family relationships, further your career, free yourself from the limitations of emotional behaviours and patterns or simply find a more comfortable purpose in the world around you, it starts with wellness. You must nurture and encourage growth in yourself so that you can give properly to those around you.

Some of the services we provide:

Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Emotional & Mindset management

Anger & Stress management toolbox

Breathwork and breathing strengthening

Neurolinguistic Programming Therapy

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Your Wellness Coach

A warm hello from Lorien, Life Coaching & Relaxation Therapist @ Dorset Health and Wellbeing

Following 20 years in the corporate sector and seeing first hand the impact of workplace pressures on personal and private life, I have dedicated my time and effort to the pursuit and sharing of solutions for holistic wellbeing; offering real world solutions for physical, mental and emotional strength to keep people fit for the journey of life and the myriad challenges we must be resilient to.

I have since obtained qualifications to support my pursuit as a personal trainer, nutritional advisor, neuro linguistic therapist, Oxygen Advantage therapist and coach which allows me to help people regardless of their primary needs. My approach to wellbeing is that the best changes we can make for ourselves are entirely within our power to implement, without the need for fancy gadgets or expensive dietary supplements. By focusing on physical activity, nutrition, breathing and mindset you can transform your life experience entirely from within.


Our Approach

My therapies are not traditional counselling or talking therapies and do not require people to open up and talk about anything they are not ready to. What I do is help create headspace for people and a real sense of inner calm so that they can start to explore the solutions that are really meaningful for them.

In spite of great leaps in opening up dialogue regarding mental health many people are still not comfortable to share their day to day challenges which is why I provide people with simple tools and techniques that they can apply in their lives without drawing any attention they are not inviting. Breathing techniques, you can perform discreetly anywhere, NLP tools which could be used in the middle of a stressful meeting without raising an eyebrow, and relaxation therapies to help start and end their day the best way possible. I believe these tools are a real game changer for all people to promote their wellbeing at this tumultuous time. I am currently having great success helping people within the professional sector deal with feelings of stress, anxiety and frustration which are impacting their professional and personal lives.


Wellness Clinic Appointments

Wellbeing Clinic Opening Times

Monday : 2.30PM - 5.30PM
Tuesday : 7PM - 7.30PM
Wednesday : 2.30PM - 5.30PM
Thursday : 7PM - 7.30PM
Friday : 2.30PM- 5.30PM
Saturday : closed
Sunday : closed

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Emotional Strength & Well-being Classes 

Join in an array of carefully curated online classes, a core part of our wellness clinic and your self-care journey. From improving your sleep to breath work browse and book your online wellness classes with our Life Coach and Relaxation Therapist Lorien.


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