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About Dorset Health & Wellbeing

Welcome to Dorset Health and Wellbeing, which was established in 2019 in Weymouth to help support our local communities to stay healthy. It started initially with a physiotherapy clinic but has grown to include holistic and mental health services through our virtual wellness centre and studio. ​



At Dorset Health & Wellbeing we treat across the spectrum of musculoskeletal issues, rheumatology and orthopaedics. We are an innovative and modern practice offering opportunities in virtual clinics as well as face to face interventions with the use of technology to enhance your care and ensure you receive the best programs of rehabilitation. We also still offer all the traditional services from acupuncture to manual therapy and massage. We can also support your injury or prevent further problems through sports bracing, and strapping or through our protective rehab programs.  We also specialise in the sporting pelvis and running but we are very proud to be a nationally recognised centre for paddling related injuries. The types of conditions treated are any thing that affects the musculoskeletal system restricting mobility and function such as:

Arthritis | Trauma | Orthopaedic Problems | Repetitive Strain & Pain in the Bones, Joints & Muscles


Physiotherapy Clinic Opening Times

Physical & Virtual Clinic

Monday : 9AM - 3PM 

Tuesday : 9AM - 3PM

Wednesday : Closed

Thursday : 9AM - 3PM

Friday : 9AM - 3PM

Saturday : Closed

Sunday : Closed

Dorset Physiotherapy Centre
Physiotherapy Weymouth
Dorset Physiotherapy Centre
Weymouth Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy Dorset

Our Physiotherapy Clinic

A warm & welcoming space located at

Weymouth Community College Sports Centre

Cranford Ave, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7TL

The clinic room is set in a large comfortable space with a selection of specialist treatment equipment. We offer acupuncture and all hands on therapy, as well as sports taping and bracing to help protect and control movement. The clinical team have advanced practice expertise and regularly work with the local consultants to ensure you receive the best care. We also have a fast track referral for MRI and X-ray through our links with the BMI hospital services. 

We also provide off site visits to peoples homes for those with complex needs and rehabilitation that would be difficult to achieve in the clinic. This also extends to sports environment assessment and rehabilitation settings when needed and through our local links to hydrotherapy pools we can even extend this into the aquatic environments. 



For all things emotional strength and well-being coaching with our NLP and Relaxation Specialist.

We are all about mental health and believe that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. This is where our wellness clinic offers those in need of some emotional support, a welcoming headspace to exercise the mind with our qualified NLP and Relaxation Specialist Lorien. Explore an array of services from virtual 1:1's to virtual classes that we have tailored for a meaningful and contemporary approach to mindfulness.

Wellness is for everyone. Whether you are trying to improve your family relationships, further your career, free yourself from the limitations of emotional behaviours and patterns or simply find a more comfortable purpose in the world around you, it starts with wellness. You must nurture and encourage growth in yourself so that you can give properly to those around you.

Some of the services we provide:

Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Emotional & Mindset management

Anger & Stress management toolbox

Breathwork and breathing strengthening

Neurolinguistic Programming Therapy

Contact us today for a no obligation, zero pressure consultation and find out how we can help you to become the you that you want to be.

Virtual Wellness Clinic Opening Times


Monday : 2.30PM - 5.30PM
Tuesday : 7PM - 7.30PM
Wednesday : 2.30PM - 5.30PM
Thursday : 7PM - 7.30PM
Friday : 2.30PM- 5.30PM
Saturday : closed
Sunday : closed

Dorset Health and Wellbeing Online Class


From pilates to ballet barre, we have put together a fantastic variety of virtual classes that you can get involved with in your own home! All hosted by our fantastic team of instructors.

All classes require a REP screening form to be completed before you start your first session with us. Any further information or issues please contact us direct. Take a look at our current class schedule below along with a downloadable timetable for you to keep handy.​



6pm | Rowers/Paddlers Pilates

7.30pm | Matwork Pilates


7pm Guided breath work and relaxation


6.30pm Ballet Barre


6pm | Pilates for Patients 

7pm | SUP Skills Pilates

7pm | Guided Breath-work & Relaxation

8pm | Pilates


9pm | Enchanting Bedtime Stories


9am | Hatha Yoga


Meet The Team

Introducing your health and wellness team! All at the ready and waiting to welcome you to the community. From pilates to ballet barre, take a look at our diverse team and book onto their classes right here, online.



Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor



NLP and relaxation therapist

Debbie Ross McKenzie.jpeg


Yoga Instructor



Pilates & Ballet Instructor


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Physiotherapy Clinic: Weymouth Community College Sports Centre, Cranford Ave, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7TL

England, United Kingdom

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