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About Dorset Health & Wellbeing

Welcome to Dorset Health and Wellbeing, which was established in 2019 by Elaine Farquharson in Weymouth to help support our local community to stay healthy. The business first started with a simple physio clinic however has grown to include complex physiotherapy management and care, plus holistic and mental health services. We are delighted to offer all our face to face care within the local college gym but also we have extended care throughout Dorset and since the pandemic also virtually now all over the world.

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"Hi, as the director and owner of Dorset Health and Wellbeing I would like to welcome you to our healthcare community. I hope you enjoy our services and I look forward to us helping you be healthy and happy. Shout out if you have any questions, or suggestions about healthcare as we would love to help and create a hub of excellence for you all."

Elaine Farquharson Director and Owner


Private Sessions

All our classes can be done privately online. 

We also offer private yoga and pilates at the Weymouth  Community College Sports Centre. 

Weymouth Community College Gym, Cranford Ave, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7TL, UK

To enquire about a 1:1 session please complete the form below.


Why Choose Us?

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Flexible Clinic Environments 

Weymouth College Gym Clinic, Dorset Site Visits, International Online Clinics

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Fast access to healthcare

We work with all the major insurance providers and accept self referrals which enables you to have a rapid access to our services.

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Expert Team

All our team members have a wealth of experience across the health and wellbeing sector. Our team include an advanced practice physiotherapist, wellbeing coach, yoga instructors, qigong instructor, pilates instructors and fitness instructors. We pride ourselves in our caring and professional abilities but what makes us a space place to visit is our kind values to our patients.

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Wide Variety of Services



Manual therapy



Video analysis


Wellbeing Coaching

Holistic Classes


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